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Health Policy


Prime Gold Industries shall continually enhance its work-related health and safety performance.

  • We are dedicated to provide and sustain a safe and healthy work environment at the workplace.
  • We already are following all the security guidelines against Coronavirus for the protection of each and every staff member.
  • We have our full dedication to ensure that every employee must protect their health and safety by working in compliance with the law. And let us tell you that we already established safe working practices and measures in an organization.
  • Health and security reviews and mock drills are conducted on-site to ensure consistency with health and safety administration requirements and for emergency attentiveness.
  • We are dedicated to meet the terms with legal and regulatory needs.
  • We are committed to providing responsiveness and training to employees on Health & Safety
  • Every employee must be enthusiastic about proceeding with the goal of reducing or eliminating risk in the work environment.
  • We are dedicated to communicate this policy to all employees & interested parties and survey occasionally.